International Table-Top Day

International Table-Top Day

International Table-Top Day will be Saturday, April 30th. We will have the Official Geek and Sundry Table-Top Day live stream running all day on the shop TV while enjoying board games, Magic the Gathering, and everything table-top. To participate just come into the store.

As for an event schedule anyone can come in during our store hours and play with friends and our shop regulars. Table fees are $5 per playing person and includes two drinks (we carry Pepsi products).

Other events happening through the day will be our MTG Shadows Over Innistrad Game Day tournament starting at 2pm and another Red Wizard Hat game testing for Heroes of Amarii at 5pm.

To look at any of these events click on the links below to see there respective event pages.

Patriot: Games – International Table-Top Day
Shadows Over Innistrad: Game Day
Red Wizard Hat’s Heroes of Amarii Game Demo

We will also be running our own game demos all day. They will vary in length in terms of how long they take to play so start times may vary.
11am “Splendor” and “Grasshopper & The Ant”
1pm “King of Tokyo” and “King of New York”
2pm “Smash Up”
3pm “Tanto Cuore”
5pm “Dead of Winter”
7pm “Mice and Mystics”

From Geek and Sundry’s official board game list for this year we will have:


On top of those wonderful picks suggested by them we have some lovely games located in our gaming library which can be found here.

Be sure to RSVP on our Facebook for the event so you can keep up to date with what is going on!

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