Rejoice D&D Players!

Sorry we have been bombarded with directory issues.
But we are back!

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO MISSED THE INTEREST MEETING and want to participate, I NEED you to email me that you are interested and your availability on Saturdays and Sundays so we can match you up with a group. My email is

RECAP: At the last meeting, Monday February 29th, we discussed our game plan for the Dnd groups, started to formulate groups, and set dates for future activities.

For the first few months or so we will solely use Wizard’s of the Coast’s monthly modules from Expeditions and Encounters for 5th Edition. As of now we are all starting with 5.0. As everyone gets more comfortable with the new edition we will let you all decide if you want to do just encounters or branch off into doing your own campaigns.

As for dates, we will be meeting up on Saturdays and Sundays. Our first major event will be the 13th of March (a Sunday) for character creation starting at 2pm. Everyone is welcome to come in and work together to formulate groups and build teams so you have diverse characters.

WHATS NEXT: As stated we will be gathering again on March 13th at 2pm for character creation. Below I will have linked free character sheets if you want to get started or start looking at the format, tutorial videos on character creation and the basics of DnD, and the free basic players hand book and DM guide from Wizards. We do still suggest getting a players handbook for a more in depth look at the game mechanics.

If anyone has any questions or concerns you may email at  Also feel free to email to reserve and order any supplies you may want or need.

Free Character Sheet

Aren’t too comfortable with making a character sheet or want to see some pre-generated ones? Click here. You can also watch the videos above. The first is a basic over view of the character sheet and the second is a playlist full of different classes of character’s creation sheets.

For those who have never played here is a playlist above with a short(er) play through. It’s just the very basics but still helpful.

The free Basic DnD Rules here.

And for those who are curious the Basic DM (Dungeon Master Rules) here.

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4 thoughts on "Rejoice D&D Players!"

  1. Any word on when play will start for dnd?

    1. The 9th and 10th, this upcoming weekend, starting at 2pm both days.

  2. We playing D&D again this weekend?


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